Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Renklerin Etkilerine Takmış Durumdayım / I'm Obsessed With Color Effects

Look what I found, colors again (:

I know I am a little obsessed with this color and psychology relation these days, but promise that's the last blog about it ( until I find some other interesting stuff about it :P - joking. )

It worths it to try, dressing up accordingly. You realize that a red sweater might affect you apetite or a blue scarf keeps you calm.

Maybe the reason I'm usually depressive is the reason I wear black all the time? ( joking. I wear black all the time but I'm not depressed when I'm not depressed. )

It's true that green has a healthy effect on human beings. It gets you closer to the nature and yourself. A green candle, a pillow, a bag, even a mug helps you to refresh.

This is where I get really impressed, the marketing world abuses color effects all the time! And they do it so good that the brands and products and packaging hunts you, your brain, your psychology and your purse! ((:


Pink makes me feel like I still play with my Barbie house. ( which I adored adored adored! )


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